Easy And Quick Solution To Fix AVG Code 651

Easy And Quick Solution To Fix AVG Code 651

With rapid digitization, none of the gadgets are glitch free. One of the most common errors reported by users include AVG Error Code 651. It usually occurs while you are trying to download or scan the AVG antivirus installed in your system. Thus, if you encounter this specific error on your desktop screen, then do not worry. This is a typical Windows error and you can quickly fix it by availing our trusted support. If the pop-up keeps appearing and you have no idea how to go about, connect with our experts immediately.

Underlying cause behind AVG code 651

Error 651 is the most common error in case you are Windows users. It occurs when you try to connect to the internet using PPPoE connection. PPPoE is also known as Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet. It remotely connects various computer users on an Ethernet local area interface. The error occurs due to multiple reasons, such as an incorrect Internet or issues with IP configuration or any problem including the network card driver. It is indeed troublesome to locate the exact cause of the problem.

Our expert tech support team can help you to mitigate the error by providing you with instant and effective solutions.

How To Fix AVG Error Code 651?

You can try the methods as mentioned below to troubleshoot the problem and solve it accordingly.

Solution 1: Restart computer and modem

The network AVG code 651 may generate due to your computer or modem issue. So you can try to reboot your modem and computer to retrieve the connection. First of all, you need to turn off your computer as well as the modem by unplugging it from the power source. Wait for at least 30 seconds and then reconnect the cables accurately. Next, re-plug your modem by the stable power source, and turn it on. Finally, turn on your PC and check if everything is working properly. Otherwise, you can repeat the step or proceed to the next one.

Solution 2: Update your network card driver

If there is a missing or outdated network driver, then an error can occur in your system. So you should update the network card driver in Windows whenever recent updates are available. This step will ensure that all the corrupted files get fixed along with the updated version.

Solution 3: Reset TCP/IP on Windows

TCP/IP is primarily used as a communication protocol in case of private connectivity. It determines how the programs can generate the transmission channels. To resolve the error 651, you have to reset TCP/IP and then reconnect to the Windows network.

Once the steps are done, try to connect to your Internet again to see if it works. Furthermore, you need to check if the error persists.

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