How to Fix AVG Antivirus Error Code 500?

How to Fix AVG Antivirus Error Code 500?

Are you a staunch AVG user & getting error 500 on it? If yes, then don’t wait for long. All you need to Fix AVG Antivirus Error Code 500 is either this blog or AVG techies.

Before proceeding ahead, I want to tell ones about such error. AVG error 500 is the internal server error sometimes may damage one’s shield. This is the reason the millions of AVG users approach to the AVG Antivirus Support. Yes, it is a kind of support system helping users to securitize PC online or offline. This is how one can enhance one’s antivirus experiences to the greater degree. All one needs to mind is the available devices—cell phone & team viewer. When one wants to fix such error then get on one’s device to connect techie to welcome one’s issue on the spot. In such a process, one has offered with modes—remote, online, or phone.

To fix such error, have a glimpse at the steps I am going to line up one-by-one:

Methods to Resolve AVG Antivirus Error Code 500:

AVG Antivirus Error Code 500

Method 1: Closing Current Software Program Windows

You need to close active software program windows.

Method 2: Remove Secondary Antivirus Tool

You need to remove secondary antivirus tool except for AVG. Thus, you need to remove Bitdefender, Norton, Kaspersky, Avira, or Mcafee software tools.

Method 3: Scan the Whole System

You need to scan the whole system from the very scratch. Steps to try are :

  • Press [Win logo +R] key to open “Run” dialogue box.
  • Enter “cmd.exe” command in the search field.
  • You will get the black screen with blinking cursor.
  • You need to enter “sfc/scannow” (without double quotes) on the black screen.

Method 4: Remove Useless Files or Folders

Removing useless files or folders will create more enough space. Steps to try are:

  • You need to hold & press [Win logo +R] key to launch “Run” dialogue box.
  • Enter anyone commands out of:
    • %temp%
    • Recent
    • Prefetch (you need to put in the administrator password if asked)
  • Then, select folders or files which you want to remove.
  • Press [Delete] key.
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Method 5: Try “Windows System Restore” Tool

You need to try “System Restore” tool. Steps to try are:

  1. Get on your PC. Hover over the taskbar menus.
  2. Click on “Start” button. Taskbar menus locate at the lower-left of the screen.
  3. You will get the search box.
  4. In the search box, enter “System Restore”.
  5. You will get a lot of search results.
  6. In the search results, you need to click on “System Restore”.
  7. Put in an administrator password in the given field if you prompted. Hit [ENTER] key
  8. You need to follow the Wizard steps one-by-one.
  9. You will get a relevant restore point.
  10. Restore your PC.

Method 6: Try “Windows Update”

You need to use the Windows update tool to install new Windows updates on your PC.    

Are you having any inconveniences while implementing the steps enlisted above?

Learn how to get the Bang-on aid with AVG Antivirus Support!  


If you want to get guide ranging from the beginning level to the ultimate level then contact techies. The smartest mode is the phone reachable 24 hours in a day in every nook & corner of the world. To use mode, get on your phone to place a ringtone at the toll-free number the AVG Antivirus Support Number +1-800-604-4875. Once you dial it, experts will try to host AVG related queries point-to-point. If the quotient of your error is least then fix it with the help of remote software like team viewer. Ring! Ring!! Ring the toll-free number!!!

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