How To Fix AVG Error Code 0xC0070643 ?

How To Fix AVG Error Code 0xC0070643 ?

AVG antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus softwares for Windows and Mac. The AVG antivirus takes the help of the Windows Installer and Microsoft .net framework to remove malicious data and files. You can face AVG Error Code 0xC0070643 when you are installing the AVG antivirus.

Due to the error, your computer may freeze for some time, Windows may respond slowly or your system may crash frequently. To resolve the issue, you need to know the reasons behind the error. After that, you can follow our troubleshooting techniques to solve the problem.

The Error Code 0xC0070643 appears while users are trying to install or uninstall AVG antivirus software from the control panel. This error message signifies users that you that it’s a kind of product set-up issue. Now-a-days Antivirus software have become more complicated to operate and most of them works with their own un-installer software that users are suggested to use for the purpose of uninstall method of the antivirus product. So, these kinds of errors are expected to happen. AVG software too has its own Removal Tool.

Well, it is seen that when users are trying to give it an attempt to uninstall any program from the Control Panel in Windows, there are still few left over remaining on the PC and so there is definitely a need of these removal tools. These tools will further help users in the removal process of everything related to the program from their PC. Now that it is known to all of us that why there is a need of AVG’s own removal tool, I think it’s now time for us to explore steps to fix AVG Error code 0xC0070643.

What Causes Error Code 0xc0070643?

The Error Code 0xc0070643 is an installation failure code of the antivirus software. When there is an issue in the product setup, then the error will occur. There can be many more reasons behind the error, some of them are mentioned below:

  • AVG antivirus related files may have been deleted accidentally or maliciously by another system program.
  • Incomplete or corrupt downloading and then installing the AVG security software.
  • Windows Registry becomes corrupt from the recent AVG antivirus installation or uninstallation.
  • Malware or virus attack that has corrupted the AVG antivirus related program files.

These are the fundamental reasons behind the error to occur, however there can be other technicalities as well.

Steps to Fix AVG Error Code 0xC0070643

Step 1: AVG Removal Tool Download

• To get rid of AVG Error Code 0xC0070643, the very first which users need to perform is to download the AVG Remover tool from a trusted website.

Step 2: Set-up Phase

• Next, run the setup file by following all the instructions given to you in the screen. Once the process is completed, next go ahead to reboot the PC now.

Step 3: Installation/Un-installation Phase

• At last, install/uninstall the AVG Antivirus product. By now, you AVG error should completely solved.

But what if still this error exists?

If you are unable to resolve this error then users need to perform the process manually to check for any left-out traced on PC. This is not that tricky task to perform and here is how to do it. Users here need to peep into “Registry Entries”. But be careful while dealing with as it may mess up your PC.

Here are Manual Ways to Fix AVG Error Code 0xC0070643

• Get access to the “Run Command” first by holding the “Windows Key + R” key of the keyboard.
• Type the “Regedit” command and press the “Enter” button.
• Users here will be asked to make “permission changes” and then hit on “Yes” button.
• It will now open “Registry Editor” section
• Now navigate to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/AVG” option and then delete that Key/Folder.
• Reboot the PC next and then, try to install the AVG product.

Alternate Steps To Fix AVG Error Code 0xC0070643

Now let’s proceed with the solutions to fix this particular error code.To save your time and effort, it will be good to follow the steps carefully.

Method 1: Uninstall And Then Install The AVG Antivirus Software

  • Go to the Control Panel from the Start menu. After the Window loads click on the Uninstall Programs link.
  • Search for the AVG software option. Right click on AVG Software and then select the Uninstall option.
  • Follow the instructions to uninstall the AVG antivirus software. Wait for the system to uninstall the program.
  • Click on Finish to complete the task.
  • Now download the new AVG software program from the Internet. Install the software and check if the error occurs or not.

Method 2: Repair System Registry

  • Perform a complete malware scan of your system using a trusted antivirus. Now clean up all your computer junk folders and files.
  • Install the updates of all the system drivers.
  • Uninstall and then install AVG antivirus software again. Carry out the Windows System File checker sfc and scannow features.
  • Install the latest updates of your Windows operating system.
  • Perform a fresh installation of your Windows operating system. Reboot your computer to check for the error.

Method 3: Manually Fix The Error Code

  • Press Windows Logo Key and R key at the same time to open the Run Command window.
  • In the box type “Regedit” and then press the Enter Key. If asked for changes, click on ‘Yes’ button.
  • Now the Registry editor will boot up. Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/AVG and then delete the available Key/Folder.
  • Close all the windows and then restart your system. After your system boots up install AVG antivirus software to check for the error.

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You can quickly perform the above methods to troubleshoot the Error Code 0xc0070643 of your AVG antivirus software. However, if you are unable to resolve the error, you should get in touch with us for support services. Our team of experts will deliver best-in-class solutions at your convenience.

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